Water Supply Development

Our Water Supply Development Service Includes: Exploration and test drilling, Geophysical logging, Site supervision, Well design, Aquifer testing, Data analysis, Computer modeling, Wellhead Protection Plans.

Contaminant Investigations

Our Contaminant Investigations Services Include: Soil and groundwater investigations, Containment plume delineation, Fate and transport modeling.

Remedial Services

Our Remedial Services Include: Purge well design, installation and operation, In situ soil treatment design and operation, In situ ground water treatment design and operation, Soil excavation supervision and verification sampling, Spill cleanup supervision and verification sampling.

Disposal Well and Brine Supply Well Analyses

Our Disposal Well and Brine Supply Well Analyses Include: Permitting, Reservoir analyses for injectivity (disposal wells), Reservoir analyses for brine supply.

Environmental Site Assessments

Our Environmental Site Assessments Services Include: Transactional Audit Screens, Phase I Environmental Assessments, Phase II Environmental Assessments, Baseline Environmental Assessments.

Groundwater Monitoring Services

Our Groundwater Monitoring Services Include: Groundwater monitoring program design and implementation, Low-flow sampling, Geochemical interpretation, Reporting.

Underground Storage Tank Services

Our Underground Storage Tank Services Include: Assessment, Monitoring, Remedial services, Reporting.

Litigation Support

Our Litigation Support Services Include: Data interpretation and consultation, Expert witness services, Governmental agency testimony.